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Barbara Pongia, (West Chester)

Flooring Consultant


Meet Barbara, your trusted flooring consultant with nearly 45 years of experience, as a former Creative Director for a leading infomercial marketing company, many years in the flooring industry and a background in real estate Barbara understands the importance of creating functional and stylish spaces. 


Barbara is  dedicated to making connections and delivering exceptional service, and prides herself on her attention to detail and teamwork. She's passionate about finding creative solutions for customers and loves welcoming people into her world. Outside of work, Barbara enjoys spending time with her family, experimenting with cooking, and playing the piano. Her philosophy, "Be who you are and be that well," drives her commitment to excellence. 



Experience Barbara's expertise firsthand—join us at Bob Wagner’s and let her creative solutions elevate your experience!

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Emma Wagner (West Chester)

Renovation & Design


Emma's journey is a captivating blend of adventure and expertise. A former wilderness guide and photographer, she now leverages her problem-solving skills and design knowledge to transform living spaces.


Emma excels at crafting vibrant atmospheres and managing projects seamlessly, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step. Her passion lies in exceeding expectations and witnessing the joy of her clients.


An explorer at heart, Emma has published a book and embraced diverse cultures through homestays worldwide. Her genuine kindness shines through in everything she does.


With Emma leading the way, expect a collaborative and thrilling journey as she turns your vision into reality.


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Harry Scrignoli (West Chester)

Retail Sales Manager


Meet Harry Scrignoli, our Retail Sales Manager with an impressive 35 years of experience in the industry. He honed his skills at Color Tile, where he gained invaluable training and expertise.


Harry is known for his mastery in direct sales and team building, bringing a dynamic sales personality and a wealth of knowledge to our team. He's passionate about fostering strong relationships with both customers and colleagues.


Outside of work, Harry's interests span from music and sports to collecting antiques. He believes in mutual respect and taking care of those in need, reflecting his values of family and heritage.



Let Harry guide you through the world of flooring with his wealth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

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Gena Powers (West Chester)

Renovations Manager & Interior Designer


Introducing Gena Powers, a design dynamo with an eye for detail and a knack for technical prowess. Gena's expertise lies in the intricate fusion of design fundamentals and technical know-how, ensuring every project she tackles is built on a solid foundation.


For Gena, success is about fostering that connection and inspiring clients every step of the way.


Inspired by Rocky Balboa's enduring wisdom, Gena embraces the ethos of persevering through any obstacle. She takes great pride in sweating the details, meticulously reviewing every product to uphold design integrity and client satisfaction. She finds immense joy of witnessing clients' excitement as they become deeply engaged in their projects.


Beyond the world of design, Gena finds solace in cheering on her children at sports events, grooving to live music, and basking in the sun at the beach. Her love for outdoor activities like tennis and golf keeps her spirits high and her energy boundless.


With Gena on the team, you can trust that your vision will be brought to life with unmatched dedication and expertise.