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Vinyl Flooring in Delaware and Pennsylvania

Add durability and lasting value to any room in your home with our showroom’s large selection of vinyl flooring from Bob Wagner's Flooring America, in Middletown, DE, and West Chester, PA. Composed of several dense layers, luxury vinyl is made to be the perfect choice for any home or office – it offers unparalleled durability, water resistance, and longevity. Add it to your kitchen, bathroom, or even your living room, and never worry about damage ruining your latest investment. Available in traditional sheet vinyl for a singular floor covering, or in vinyl planks and tiles, this material can replicate the look of hardwood, tile, and stone, adding an elegant touch while remaining affordable. Thanks to Flooring America's nationwide 500-store buying power, we have access to the country's leading vinyl brands, including:

  • Mohawk
  • Shaw Floors
  • Baroque Flooring
  • US Floors
  • Mannington
  • Core Elements
  • Downs
  • Genua
  • Galvanite
  • Provenza
  • Spotlight Values
  • Armstrong
  • Karndean Design Flooring

Timber-Herringbone Beechwood LVT by Downs H2O in kitchen setting

Is Vinyl Right for You?

We recommend vinyl floors for everyone, but especially for households with children and pets. This flooring material is easier to clean and care for, making it the perfect defense against inevitable accidents and spills. You no longer have to worry about scratches and fading when you cover the floors of your kitchen and bathroom with this cost-effective type of flooring. Softer than traditional tile or hardwood flooring, vinyl offers a smooth surface while remaining fortified and strong in its build. If you're concerned about water damage and costs associated with tile and wood repairs, a vinyl flooring selection is also the perfect fit for active households. Thanks to modern advances in the vinyl manufacturing process, you can say goodbye to the paper-thin vinyl floors of decades past, and hello to a dense, authentic-looking material complete with patterns, grains, whirls, and knots found in naturally existing flooring models.

Explore Vinyl Floors

Luxury Vinyl Tile: The natural look of tile flooring has been a staple of interior design for centuries, and now this fantastic look is a possibility for your home. When your bottom line is important, new vinyl tile is a dynamic, yet efficient option. Our showroom’s selection includes all of your favorite colors and patterns, so finding the right product is quick and easy.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring: Easy to install and remarkably waterproof, vinyl sheet is the perfect option for kitchens and bathrooms. We recommend you opt for professional installation when you choose sheet vinyl, as its waterproofing properties come from a seamless installation job.

Luxury Vinyl Plank: Hardwood may be beautiful, but it requires lots of extra care after installation. What if there was a way to add its unique charm to your home without taking on the burden of regular refinishing and sealing? Vinyl plank is an excellent alternative. LVP offers the authentic look of hardwood but provides more in the way of durability. Best of all, it will never require special waxes or polishes the way that true hardwood often does.

Waterproof Qualities & Low-Maintenance Cleaning

Our premium vinyl flooring can handle a great deal of wear and tear, making it ideal for active families with pets and children. Luxury vinyl flooring is a waterproof solution that can withstand high-moisture environments like bathrooms and laundry rooms. This makes spills and liquids a no-stress cleaning scenario. Scratches and grime are no match to our LVP and LVT options that are built with enhanced urethane.

Weekly cleaning can be accomplished by vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping. Before using a cleaning product that contains harsh chemicals that could damage the wear layer, we always recommend reviewing your new floor's warranty. Browse our Downs H2O collection for added waterproof assurance.

Choose Professional Installation Services

Extend the lifespan of your flooring investment and ensure your neighbors take notice of your new floors with the help of our vinyl floor installation process. When it comes to making the best first impression possible, you can’t afford to cut corners on vinyl floor installation. Rely on our vinyl floor installation team to get your next home improvement project completed on time. Our staff has the right tools and years of experience in installing flooring in homes like yours. We always go the extra mile to ensure that your new flooring fits your unique living space perfectly. Our approach to installation is centered on your complete satisfaction, with craftsmanship backed by our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee


Contact our showroom staff for more information about vinyl flooring available at our Middletown, DE, and West Chester, PA stores.

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